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Company Overview    

Formed in 2014, Easy Access Health Solutions “EAHS” is a 100% black owned and 100% black managed Supply Chain Solutions company in Southern Africa. Emerging digital technologies are disrupting all industries by attracting new entrants and competitors who operate under different rules and deploy new technologies more rapidly and skilfully.
Established organizations are generally bound to a heavy legacy asset base and struggle with the innovators’ dilemma – how can they choose between maintaining and developing the existing business and venturing into new areas. One of the areas most in need of attention to meet this challenge is the supply chain. For traditional companies, these are frequently not set up to adapt as rapidly as this age of digital disruption demands. Meanwhile, the emerging start-up challengers are inventing their businesses without any legacy issues, meaning that they can move fast.  We are driven by the desire to remove supply chain inefficiencies. Being involved in supply chain for many years we have seen to often how inefficiencies are left to cost companies in real monetary terms. We saw how many struggled to get the right foundation in place to identify and removes these inefficiencies that lead to the start of EAHS (PTY) LTD.



Established businesses are increasingly finding that failing to get close to the start-up’s innovative source or having access to their own digital innovation capabilities can be a significant competitive disadvantage. Corporates are at risk of being marginalized by the next disruptive innovation. As the world embraces technology, the supply chain environment should not be left behind. The supply chain environment is striving to improve service delivery to its customers. Technology can be used to assist supply chain in providing good service to its clients and thus ensuring customer satisfaction.


Our vision is to work with clients to co-design innovative solutions, so that they are tailored to their specific needs and are owned by both the systems team and the supply chain teams .

Mission statement

To be a supply chain solutions partner of choice within South Africa and Sub-Saharan Region to both our customers and software providers.

Core values

  • Listen and understand request: To begin with, we’ll meet with you and listen to your presenting issue to gain a clear understanding of your needs. We’ll note initial reactions and reflections as we begin to understand the current situation.

  • Access and make links: We’ll look to uncover what might be going on, by asking deep questions and observing wider organisational dynamics. We’ll collaborate with you to co-design the work we’ll do together and how we’ll evaluate it.

  • Illuminate and make meaning: We’ll bring together what we have learnt about the behavior of groups onto the solution. 

  • Empower and enable action:  We’ll support you in planning and taking in rolling the solution out and to address the key issues that are limiting organisational performance.

  • Evaluate and Monitor:  We’ll present what was achieved and the positive impact our approach has delivered. Management will be able to see which are of the services business needs improvements and put improvement systems in place. 

  • Solid Solutions: Implement solutions of the highest standard by any measures across the globe.

  • Good Customer Service:  Handle the reputation of our partners and customers with care.

Key Processes
All our solutions are built and deployed using AGILE methodologies. This enables our customers to save costs on projects and always have a clear view on deployments.

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